Freight Policy



January 2014

 Jan-Al will make every effort to inform you of the freight carrier and charges prior to shipping. Jan-Al Cases views shipping as an important part of its commitment to customer service. Below are the standards for selecting freight carriers, if you have a preferred carrier, feel free to inform the sales staff and they will include that information in your order.

Smaller cases ship by UPS or similar freight expediter.*

Larger cases will be shipped by common carrier.*

Jan-Al also offers local delivery service in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Jan-Al always searches for the lowest shipping bid.

*Freight charges are either collect or prepaid depending on arrangements made with our accounting department.

Here is more information and an estimate of additional freight charges:

Residential delivery, estimated charge $55.00

Lift gate truck (mandatory for shipments over 100lbs. where there is no loading dock or fork lift.) estimated $65.00

Delivery to an arena or convention hall, estimated charge $65.00

Beyond delivery, estimated charge $65.00 minimum

Special delivery time, estimated charge $85.00


In the event that the shipping department is unable to contact a customer at the time an order is prepared for shipment, all freight and materiel handling charges are due and payable and not subject to dispute.



January 2014

Jan-Al Cases endeavors to use reliable and reputable carriers, but occasionally shipping damage does occur. Resolving the problem of transit damage or loss depends on the cooperation of all parties. Jan-Al makes every effort to ensure that your shipment arrives on time and in good condition and when a claim arises, we work with our customers to satisfy all parties. Freight damage claims must be made against the common carrier; therefore, it is imperative that you follow these guidelines:


1. Inspect all shipments upon arrival. If damage or loss is apparent upon delivery, do not accept the shipment until you make a notation of the damage on all copies of the carrier's Bill Of Lading. Have the driver sign all copies to acknowledge the notation.

2. In the event you have signed for a shipment and there is concealed damage do not throw away the packing materials or cartons or there will be no basis for a claim. Contact Jan-Al (323) 260-7212 and speak to the shipping department and to the local branch of the carrier immediately. Jan-Al must file a claim with the carrier but cooperation between the consignee and Jan-Al are essential to secure a claim. Please note: much of this process will be done in writing.

3. If you do not follow the instructions in Paragraph 1, Jan-Al Cases will not be able to file a claim and bears no responsibility for freight claims or for damage.

4. Even if the driver acknowledges the damage in writing, an inspection by the carrier will have to take place so retain the merchandise, carton, and packing materials at the address to which shipment was made until the carrier authorizes further action. If you have a camera or digital camera, photographs that record the date on which they were taken will help to speed the claim process.

5. Please advise Jan-Al Cases immediately of all damage. Do not return merchandise to Jan-Al Cases. File your claim by calling the shipping department at Jan-Al and be prepared to fax (323) 260-4696 copies of the bill of lading (signed by the driver). Keep all packing materials and boxes with the damaged product. Do not throw anything away until the claim is settled. Although Jan-Al Cases will file the claim with the carrier, Jan-Al is not responsible for paying for the freight nor does it accept liability for freight claims or the cost of the repair. The consignee is responsible to pay all freight charges under the terms of Jan-Alís invoices.

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