Amplifier Road Cases

This group breaks down into head cases, amplifiers, and live-in cases that can combine a lot of related guitar and bass player elements. All of these cases serve the player's individual needs from live shows to home studios and each is purpose-driven.

Head Cases

These come in two styles, pull-over B-style where the head sits in a tray, and the A-Style trunk which is the most popular. It is critical to know whether your amp is a tube amp as they require sufficient foam for shock protection.

Speakers & Combo Amps

These cases are most commonly pull-over B-Style cases though it is possible to combine smaller amps into trunks. It is important to know whether the actual dimensions of the unit with and without included casters and surface mounted handles.

Live-In Cases

The touring professional may find the live-in style reduces the number of cases.  The live-in style case draws from both the C-style case and rack cases.

The C-style can have casters on the back or the end and a removable lid on the front of the cabinet.  An access door in the back allows for plugging in. 

The rack style cases have two lids, front and back, and can be customized to include racks and shelves for multiple heads.     

Other cases that commonly go with amplifier cases:

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