Athletic Trainers

Athletic Trainers Road Cases

Athletic Trainers’ cases can include tilt bins for small items such as first aid, candy, gum, shoelaces, etc. Tape dowels go on dowels mounted in drawers along with plexiglass covers to prevent smalls from falling out should a case get tipped.

All Jan-Al athletic trainer cases are equipped with organizational features such as movable partitions, spray can and bottle compartments, table legs in lids that convert to more workspace, slide out shelves for equipment, and foam cutouts when needed. Pop-top lids allow the case to have a countertop or access to medical equipment such as modalities.

Other cases that commonly go with Athletic Trainer Cases

  • Supply & Tape Trunks
  • Modality Cases
  • Nutrition Cases
  • Strength & Conditioning Cases
  • Hotel Cases
  • Field Cases
  • Dugout Cases
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