Clam Shell
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Clam Shell Pull Over Cases

The clam shell is a cousin of the pull over (POC) because it requires a base and two top lids. The lids don’t have to be equal in size although they are most commonly divided equally in half. Though his type of case is especially useful with very delicate and very large/heavy items it is useful with many types of equipment including screen lifts.

The base can have foam or a load-spreader in it and the payload can be blocked onto it or even attached. Many times the equipment is used on the base or it is unloaded using ramps that are attached or stored in the case.

Lids can be manually lifted or raised via materiel handling. Not all clamshells are large scale. This is a useful design for packing art and models or anything where the lid must be controlled to avoid contact with the payload.

Unlike other cases, there are few standards other than two lids and a base.

Jan-Al Cases has been deeply committed to reducing our environmental footprint by using water based coatings, green construction products & examining manufacturing capture of the products we use in our cases. We encourage our customers to be climate kind. 


  • Plywood: ¼”, 3/8”, ½” based on weight of payload
  • Laminate Colors: black, blue, white, red, orange, white, gray, and many others
  • Laminates: ABS, Rhino Hyde, Fiberglass


  • Ramps
  • Load-spreaders
  • Compartments
  • Custom spec’d casters
  • Built-in video wall
  • Lifts (screen lift and scissor lift)
  • Built-in racks and removable racks

Common Cases

Cases that commonly go with clam shell cases:

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