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Custom Welding for Equipment Cases

Jan-Al has built many custom items such as exhibits, stage props, game bars, welded carts of all types, and many custom screen mounts. 

We have lifted screens that weighed hundreds of pounds.  We have designed a video wall mounted to a case.  We have created a simple system for two screens to mount to a single case.

We designed and built wing flap towable crates and custom load spreaders that mount to client built racks and other items.  If you have an unusual project that needs to be movable, we can help facilitate the portability including designing for stage, truck trailers, lift gates, low boys, vans, box trucks and anything else. Jan-Al Cases has been deeply committed to reducing our environmental footprint by using water based coatings, green construction products & examining manufacturing capture of the products we use in our cases. We encourage our customers to be climate kind. 

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