Equipment Managers

Cases for Equipment Managers

ATA athletic equipment cases have to move often bulky items but also fit onto everything from buses and trucks to aircraft and through standard doors. These cases include everything from sideline cases to soft goods like jerseys/helmets to small items like bats and skate blades, skate sharpeners and everything in between. Jan-Al goes beyond its own manufacturing to assist Equipment Managers in finding the ideal cases to move their teams and make their day work smoothly and efficiently.

Equipment also includes computers and technology. Jan-Al has designed integrated iPad and tablet charging cases. 

Other cases that commonly go with sports and fitness cases:

  • Shoe Trunks
  • Supply Cases
  • Tool Cases
  • Blade Cases
  • Bat Trunks
  • Uniform trunks
  • Wardrobe Cases
  • Skate Sharpeners
  • Field Cases
  • Dugout Cases

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