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Custom Guitar & Bass Cases

A basic guitar or bass case is a single case with foam that outlines the guitar. Best practice is to take a template of the instrument at Jan-Al cases whenever possible. However Jan-Al staff can provide a tutorial on how to do a template. 

The most common option added to standard guitar and bass cases is velvet lining. Lining and exterior color choices give the case a unique look that compliments each individual guitar. 

All Jan-Al guitar and bass cases have a compartment for picks, capos, etc. You can customize your case to hold two solid body guitars, two mandolins, etc. Jan-Al has more than three decades of designs to draw from. 

Some tips to help you envision your case: 

  • Velvet comes in a changing number of colors, so ask about your favorite
  • For comfort, we suggest you consider a briefcase handle
  • Two-in-one guitar cases are very heavy, so think about this option carefully.
  • Flat corners with built-in feet vs ball corners. 

 Guitar & Bass Lockers/Vaults

This style of case holds multiple instruments. They can be as small as 2-in1 and as large as 10-in-1 (not recommended). When considering a vault, think about the vehicles needed to move these and the ideal pack. Airlines, trailers, and vans have limitations. Essential considerations are the body style (flying Vs are large) and neck and headstock length (basses are extra long). Know the dimensions of all the instruments when asking for a quote. 


  • Fur lining
  • Body and neck support
  • Sliding neck support system
  • Velvet covered wrap-around straps to secure each instrument.


  • Lighting
  • Built-in power strip & Hubble/Power Con
  • Drawers or compartments for pedal boards

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