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Custom Percussion & Drum Set Road Cases

A traditional set of A-style drum cases consist of a trunk for toms and snares, a trunk for cymbals and bass drum, and a trunk for hardware.  Every drum kit is different, every drummer and tech has their particular case needs.  Jan-Al has many percussion equipment cases on file from which to customize. Critical information to have available is all drum sizes, cymbal in formation and spares that will be carried.

Standard drum cases before adjustments for individual kits

Large Stand

  • ID 45 X 22 X 22.25
  • OD 47 X 24 X 24.25 (30.25 with casters)

Small Stand

  • ID 45.5 X 14 X 12
  • OD 47.75 X 16 X 14 (20 with casters)

Mounted Toms/Snares (Stacked)

  • ID 43 X 28 X 31
  • OD 45 X 30 X 33 (39 with casters)

2/1 Floor Toms (Up to a 16 X 18)

  • ID 44 X 24 X 23
  • OD 46 X 26 X 25 (26 with casters)

Kick Drums Only (14 X 20 up to 26)

  • ID 34.5 X 22 X 32
  • OD 36.5 X 24 X 34 (40 with casters)

Kick Drums With Compartment for heads or cymbals

  • ID 43 X 22 X 32
  • OD 45 X 24 X 34 (40 with casters)

C-Style drum locker 

A touring option is a single C-Style drum locker that holds toms, snares, bass, and cymbals with a separate trunk for hardware. Jan-Al will help to find the best and most compact configuration. This style can have accessory compartments and drawers. Each compartment is individually carpeted, foamed and blocked.

Some drum technicians and artists are now moving to clam shell cases, a base with split lids, where the drum rack is folded down to its smallest footprint and is attached to the base for transport; the drums and cymbals are stored in a drum locker.  This case is designed for forklift movement from trucks to stages and to make load-in and load-out more efficient.

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