Piano, Percussion & Misc. Cases

Orchestral Piano & Percussion Cases

Upright & Spinet Pianos, Organs, Celesta and Keyboard Glockenspiel

Jan-Al piano cases come in several different configurations. Our cases are built custom for each instrument based on size, weight and use.  Smaller key cases are designed with a pullover or two-piece (clamshell) lid for easy removal. The bench can ride under the keyboard and is blocked in with foam or strapped in place.

An alternate design is to have a side-hinged door and ramp, so the piano can be easily rolled in and packed.

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Harps & Grand Pianos

Grand piano and harp cases are designed with a front removable lid. The piano rides on its left side with the legs unattached. Some designs have compartments to hold the legs, lyre and bench, but many customers prefer a separate case to hold those items. Note that benches come in many sizes and this should be considered when choosing a case design.

Jan-Al has designs for many Steinway, Kawai and Yamaha pianos on file.

Standard Grand Pianos equipped with straps, front lid, velvet covered foam

Size & Outside Dimensions (dimensions are in inches)

  • 7’ / 95.75 X 29 X 75
  • 9’ / 116 X 29 X 77  

Bench, Legs, Lyre Case (bench dimensions vary greatly, confirm fit before purchasing)

  • 53 X 31 X 31 OD (dimensions are in inches)

Jan-Al has harp case designs on file for both concert and folk harps.

Percussion, Bass Drums, Chimes, Large Mallet Instruments with Wheels

Timpani cases and large mallet instruments with wheels (marimba, vibraphone, xylophone) typically come with a front hinged door.  We also offer an optional ramp to allow the instrument to be rolled into the case.

The interior foam is usually covered with velvet or a soft material, so it doesn’t scratch the instrument.

Timpani Cases

Standard timpani cases often have a compartment for spare heads.

Size & Outside Dimensions (dimensions are in inches)

  • 23” /  35 X 39.75 X 51 (including casters)
  • 26” / 38 X 43 X 51
  • 29” / 35 X 39.75 X 51
  • 32” / 42.5 X 46.5 X 51

Crotales, Glockenspiel/Bells

These cases are A-Style top opening and come with a hinged lid, unless a removable lid is requested. The case is foamed to hold each piece individually and insures that nothing is lost after each use.

Cimbalom / Hammered Dulcimer

The cimbalom loads from the front with legs removed like a grand piano. There are compartments for the legs, lyre, music stand and mallets.

Custom Cymbal Cases, Percussion/ Drum Cases, Trap/ Stand Cases

Jan-Al custom builds gong, cymbals, drums, stands and percussion cases to your specification.  We also offer locker style cases, see Electric Instrument Cases. Please have all the details including make and model when contacting the company.

Music Library Cases, Choral Music Cases 

Jan-Al offers standard and custom music library cases, sheet music cases and travel desks. These cases are front opening on casters and have multiple shelves and pull-out trays.  They are lined with a smooth material to preserve the paper and lockable.  Librarians dictate their needs, and Jan-Al designers work within the budget.

Bass Stand/Leaners, Stand Baffles, Sound Baffles

In 2003, the year that the Disney Concert Hall debuted, Jan-Al Cases had the honor of designing and building a new stand/leaner for the upright basses. Approved by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the concert hall architect, Frank Gehry, the Jan-Al bass leaners made their debut. 

 They come in two sizes, with velvet covered, padded lids that double as a seat and have a small storage compartment inside the hinged top.

 The sound baffles were similarly commissioned and are currently being used at other venues.


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