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Piano Cases

Piano cases are among the largest instrument cases made. Our salespeople have all had experience moving gear and cases. They fully understand how to optimize case functionality for every situation, every user, and every type of piano. 

  • Grand piano cases are generally made in two parts: the harp packed vertically and strapped in place often with a separate trunk for the bench, legs, and lyre.
  • Spinets go into B-Style pull over cases with the optional bench tucked under the keyboard.
  • Upright pianos are also B-Style pull over cases and can have split (clam shell) lids for safer removal depending on the size of the instrument.

Plywood size and the type of casters are required based on the weight of the instrument plus the case.

Keyboard Cases

The range of control surfaces makes for a staggering number of keyboard case options. Things to consider with synthesizers are monitors, racks, pedals, and stands.

  • Single keyboard cases can be as tiny as a briefcase and large enough to include corner casters for towing a heavy 88 key. Cases can be light and budget-conscious for non-commercial use.
  • Multi keyboard cases can be large, shelf style lockers or standard A-Style trunks with and without carrying cases for one-off fly-aways on tour.
  • All of the multi-instrument cases can be designed to fit truck packs.

Jan-Al has a huge archive of designs available to use "as built" or to start a custom order.

Considerations when ordering are method of transport, weight of the individual and combined keyboards, and how to include the stands and pedals. Jan-Al can help with dynamic solutions customized for your needs.

Keyboard Lockers/Vaults

The size of these cases is driven by the largest keyboard, generally the 88-key instrument. Smaller keyboards can be combined on a single shelf. Pedals, cables, and peripherals can also easily be incorporated. These cases are ideal for touring as they can be made for truck pack. Lockers are economical and are made up of multiple foam-lined shelves with single or double front lids.

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