Custom Production & Video Equipment Cases

Production is a specialized world related to entertainment touring whether it’s music, movie and television production, or event production, the needs of people behind the scenes is related to highly technical work and the equipment that goes with it.  From show control to catering, each of these groups has specialized cases.  The single unifying factor is truck travel.

Jan-Al has a huge reference archive available to share with clients.  In addition, we stay updated as new types of equipment emerges.  Meeting ATA 300 Cat 1 standards, modularity, stackability, truck pack, safety and ergonomics are always primary in our designs.  Whatever you call them: road cases, touring cases, roadie boxes, cases embody taking the show on the road.

Services & Standards


  • Welded solutions available
  • On-site repairs available
  • Replacement parts available
  • Electrical and electronic integration available
  • Sound isolation


  • ATA 300 Cat 1


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