Custom Projector Road Cases

Cases for projectors can be varied depending on the size and type of projector.  Usage, storage and deployment are the main considerations when buying a case for a projector.

There are very portable and small projectors that we put into cases that can be stacked for storage purposes or can have retractable telescoping handles and edge casters.  The objective is to make the case as small and light as possible because the lens will travel in the projector.  The projector is removed from the case when being used.

Large and heavy projectors, some in steel cages, are located in POC (pull over cases) and these are used in the tray. If the lens is heavy, most manufacturers suggest the lenses travel outside the body of the projector.  They can sit in a compartment or a separate case.  These cases can be made to stack.

Projectors also can be made in lift cases.

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