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Custom Prop & Walk About Cases

Cases for transporting props are custom made to order.  If you have photos or drawings, it is very helpful to provide those specifications in order for the salesperson to develop the most cost efficient design.

Walk-about costumes generally must fit through standard doors.  The costume designer should consult with us to minimize abrasion of delicate surfaces, air-flow to prevent humidity and mold and to insure that the case will fit into elevators.

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Standards & Options


  • Plywood: ¼”, 3/8”, ½” based on weight of payload
  • Laminate Colors: black, blue, white, red, orange, white, gray, and many other
  • Laminates: ABS, Rhino Hyde, Fiberglas
  • Plastic tri-walls
  • Foam: polyurethane & polyethylene



  • Velvet lining
  • Alternative lightweight wall materials
  • Lighting
  • Casters
  • Compartments
  • Stacking Dishes (multiple sizes)
  • Reversed Latches
  • Inverted Latches
  • Access Doors
  • Custom Logos

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