Custom Rack Cases

Our custom rack cases have the rack rail applied to the right and left side with no foam.  They are ideal for campus and studios and robust equipment that does not require shock absorption.  They are designed to fit standard faceplate mounting panels with 10-32 screws. Standard rack rail placement is just behind the valance where the lids meet but can be recessed to allow for knobs and handles.  Jan-Al offers a variety of custom rack rail configurations as well as caster options. Jan-Al Cases has been deeply committed to reducing our environmental footprint by using water based coatings, green construction products & examining manufacturing capture of the products we use in our cases. We encourage our customers to be climate kind. 


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Standard Rack Case (Lid Not Shown)

Rack Case Standards & Options


  • 18-22” Rail-to-rail depth
  • 22+” Extra Depth
  • ¼”, 3/8”, or ½” Plywood depending on rack size and payload



  • Rear Rail pre-drilled & tapped 10-32
  • Square rail with cage nuts
  • Z-Rail available both square rail & pre-drilled & tapped 10-32
  • Casters (see Hardware & Accessories)
  • Can be made double wide

Short Racks

Electronics are rapidly becoming smaller and lighter.  Short racks are more common than ever and all the same building specifications apply to them whether they are racks or shock mounts. They vary only in that they are shorter front to back, 10-14” and they often have front rail only.


  • Maximum 14” rail-to-rail depth
  • 1/8”, ¼” plywood


  • Rear Rail pre-drilled & tapped 10-32
  • Square rail with cage nuts
  • Tilt & roll casters with telescoping handle and bumpers (see Hardware & Accessories)
standard short rack

Standard Short Rack

Rack Shells

A rack shell is a four-sided box (cases have 6 sides) with rack, no case and no lids.  Jan-Al often makes these to go inside of trunks that accompany other related equipment for a more compact truck pack.  They are useful in studios and other places where full-on cases are not needed.  They are also part of pull-over-case configurations. Each one is custom built to meet a specific need.

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