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Violin & Viola Cases 

Touring orchestras travel with A-Style (trunk) cases that hold multiple (7-8) violins and/or violas. The cases have either fixed or movable partitions. The musicians load their individual cases vertically into separate foam lined compartments with the scroll at the top of the case. Cases can have stacking cups, wood or plastic skids, and a choice of casters.

Cello & Double Bass Cases 

Typically cello cases hold one or two cellos.  An ATA case for a single cello has a front hinged lid and is loaded in its cloth or hard case. 

Standard (all dimensions are in inches)

  • 25 X 20.5 X 59 OD

Double cello cases are also loaded in their individual hard case, upright into separate foam lined compartments, equipped with straps.

Double bass cases are also front loading, and stand upright. ATA bass cases generally do not accommodate an individual case or bag. These cases have multiple adjustable blocks and straps.

For easier movement, the cases are equipped with recessed casters.

Standard (all dimensions are in inches)

  • 33 X 28 X 86.5 OD

Woodwind & Brass Cases 

Woodwind and brass cases are A-Style (trunk) cases that hold multiple (3-9) instruments for clarinets, oboes, flutes, piccolos, trumpets, flugelhorns, tenor horns,  French horns, trombones, tenor trombones loaded in their individual case upright into a separate foam lined compartment.  Often these cases have movable partitions.

Cases for large instruments such as tubas, contra bassoons, bass flutes, contra flutes, bass trombones, and euphoniums are in single cases with custom cutout foam and the option for velvet lining. Other considerations would be individual vehicle size and casters.

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