Custom Technology Cases

ATA 300 Cat 1 cases are the perfect packaging for high-value technology and Jan-Al Cases excels at partnering with manufacturers, developers, and users to meet specs for everything from surgical robotics, medical manufacturing, 3-D printers, tablets, laptops, drones and more. Computers and the digital world drive so many industries that cases with integrated equipment are a natural extension of the transportation/use + case/equipment design formula.

EIA Rack mounting is an obvious way to integrate systems into cases: Jan-Al designers use recessed dishes with domestic Hubble connectors and international power cons along with an outlet strip that includes a USB connection. Our designers spec ergonomic arms such as Ergotron LX for monitors & laptops; electric, remote controlled screen lift for up to 85” screens and electric and manual scissor lifts for heavy equipment such as Christie projectors and 3D printers.

The range of industries utilizing our custom and standard cases and technology integration include medical manufacturing, sports, audio visual and video broadcast, composers, pro audio, music, and many others. Along with free CAD design services, we offer solutions and options to help guide our clients through best practices that will suit their needs.

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Standards & options


  • Plywood: ¼”, 3/8”, ½” based on use and weight of contents
  • Laminate Colors: black, blue, white, red, orange, white, gray, and many others
  • Laminates: ABS, Rhino Hyde, Fiberglass
  • Carpet& foam interior
  • 3.5” & 4x2 casters
  • Custom and standard designs


  • Foam Templates
  • Ramps
  • Integrated Electrical Electronics
  • Lifts
  • Ergonomic Arms
  • Built-in keyboard and mouse trays
  • Rackmount keyboards
  • Built-in screens
  • Built-in charging stations

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