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Console Cases

As consoles become smaller the challenge for case making is to design the smallest footprint with greatest versatility, usually with a small storage area for cable. High end consoles include with many options that require doghouses for input/outputs to racks and other gear, nosecones for access to keyboards and Ergotron arms for outboard monitors.

Jan-Al has many designs to draw from and keeps constantly updating our files as console manufacturers change the approach and desks become more and more modular. In the digital era, show control is shifting the focus to a more visual approach when building mixing surfaces.

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  • Plywood: 3/8”, ½” based on travel requirements and payload
  • Laminate Colors: black, blue, white, red, orange, white, gray, and many others
  • Laminates: ABS, Rhino Hyde, Fiberglass


  • POC console rides on edge with casters
  • Console designs are based on the control surface and operator requirements
  • Consoles can have 1 or two lids


  • Doghouse (In some model consoles)
  • Nosecone (In some model consoles)       
  • Ergotron Arms
  • Mixer top Rack Style
  • Monitor boxes (double in some models)
  • Caster Brakes
  • Custom doghouses
  • Rackmount keyboard & mousepad
  • Welded frames

Small & Medium Format Surfaces

These desks are often deeper than they are wide.  In this configuration, the case can have the casters on the side to offer stability.  If the console is exceptionally light, the case can be a simple pull-over lid.  Small and medium mixers are ideal for mixer top racks and shock mounts or double wide rack configurations, especially for podiums, churches, and campuses.

Other cases that commonly go with console cases:

Mics and Mic Stand Cases

Mic stand cases can be cases with compartments to hold bases and poles separately or trunks for tripods with trays above.  Another style of stand case utilizes 6-8” pvc tubes to keep the poles organized and the case oriented for truck pack or a worktop backstage. Whether moving a few mic stands in a small tilt and roll case for a bus tour or a large number in a theater, we can help design and organize a case or cart for mic clips, stands and bases.

Mics are more commonly found in workbox drawers, mostly so the inventory can be controlled.  Large numbers of mics can be combined into small spaces and trays for easy placement and removal.  Jan-Al has a large inventory of mic templates to draw from for custom foam cutouts.

Mic foam cutouts available for Pelican Cases & Drawers.

Speaker Cases

Many types of speakers go in cases.  Reference speakers for mixing, floor monitors for stages, small PA system speakers which come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Jan-Al is experienced at finding solutions that make deployment as simple and ergonomic as possible.  We review truck and travel requirements as well as usage needs to determine the best styles of case for each client.

Pull over cases for multiple speakers are sized by payload, ease of deployment, truck pack and stacking even if the speakers are wedges or trapezoids. Subwoofers are generally in single POC cases due to their size and weight.

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