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Medical Equipment Cases & Carts

Medical equipment offers unique challenges for case building in order to meet both ATA 300 Cat 1 requirements and intensive standard medical testing such as ASTM D4169-2016. Jan-Al has close partnerships with OEM medical equipment manufacturers. Together we produce solutions particular to each new piece of equipment so that it is easy to deploy and will arrive ready to be demonstrated. 

Jan-Al makes many alternative custom products for our partners, including covers, carts and for emergency response teams. Portability has become the key in many areas of medicine. Both extremely large and very small pieces require the same attention to detail. We apply our expertise to purchases regardless of the size of the product or quantity needed.

  • Extremely fast and time-sensitive lead times
  • Extensive experience with testing protocols
  • Experience with corporate requirements and approval processes
  • Participate in corporate ERP & purchasing programs such as SAP/Ariba
  • Design partnering with in-house packaging engineers
  • SolidWorks enabled for interface with client software
  • Prototyping and part tracking
  • Knowledgeable about logistics requirements and international transshipment

Jan-Al Cases offers medical requisitioners a range of packaging options all designed to move high-value equipment for every type of situation. 

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Standards & Options


  • Plywood: ¼”, 3/8”, ½” based on weight of payload
  • Laminate Colors: black, blue, white, red, orange, white, gray, and many others
  • Laminates: ABS, Rhino Hyde, Fiberglass


  • Load-spreaders
  • Compartments
  • Tilting built-in screens
  • Lifts: remote controlled screen lifts and electric and foot operated scissor lifts
  • Ramps
  • Custom spec’d casters
  • Ergonomic arms for laptops and screens
  • Built-in racks
  • Case-in-case

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