Single Screen Cases

Custom Single Screen & Monitor Cases

The Jan-Al design team can design a case for a single screen whether it is a small tablet or large smart TV or combine it with other equipment such as computers or DVDs.  It is mission critical to make the case as easy to use as possible and to that end, our client input makes all the difference.  The case can become the pedestal or the stand, ask your designer for assistance or choose from existing solutions.

Other cases that commonly go with screen cases

Large Screen Cases

Even though screens are getting lighter, not all large screens are light.  Among the case options for large screens are, trunks, POC (pull-over cases), lift and banana style cases.  All large screen cases have space for mounts to remain in place.

Banana cases are very popular because the lids are hinged on two sides peeling open like a banana on the longest dimension.  This forces a two-man lift which protects the screen.  Banana cases can also be used to house a lift as part of multimedia presentation

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